Reflections on Research and Its Frustrations

Through the research I have conducted, I have made several steps toward understanding the topic I am investigating, as well as experiencing some frustrations that have impeded my progress. Upon starting my research, I had been hard pressed to find scholarly sources that could be used to evidence my points and aid me in my work. As such, I obsessively gathered pictures and took interviews that would allow for deeper understanding. After some time of digging through resources that didn’t necessarily help me and trying to find a stronger primary source than the book of war, I had become incredibly jaded towards my work and I wanted little more than to be done with the project altogether.


A beautiful recreation of my emotions after trying to complete initial research

Thanks to the efforts of one Professor Herrman, research has made decent progress. My primary source has been replaced by a more interesting, broader website filled with knowledge. New scholarly sources, with references to several other potential pieces of a similar caliber, have now come across my desk, giving me the chance to take solid strides in the direction of a complete research piece. Now that I have a stronger base to build up from, I expect that work on the research project will be, in general, much more fruitful and rewarding than it was beforehand.

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